Please refer to the below hours of operations for all dining units on campus.

Transact Mobile Ordering will only be available during specific times for each unit.

Simon’s Café will be closed effective immediately. 

Skillman Café will only be offering drinks until further notice.



Breakfast: 8am-8:30am (Items from the Trolley Stop)

Lunch: 11am-11:30am (Items from Lower Farinon)

Dinner: 4pm-4:30pm (Items from Lower Farinon)

A Transact notification will be sent when the meal has been delivered to isolation locations. 


Special Mobile Ordering Hours: 

Gilbert’s Café: Mon-Fri 9am-10:30am; 1:30-6pm

Sat/Sun 11am-3pm

Lower Farinon: 11am-11pm Daily

Eco Café: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm (Smoothies Only)
Skillman Café: Mon-Thurs 9am-7pm (Drinks Only); Friday 9am-2pm (Drinks Only)
Trolley Stop Diner: 8am-11am Daily; 2pm-5pm Daily; 7pm-9pm Daily