It’s time for Eat Local Challenge 2021 — help spread the word! 

So many things seem to be in flux, but there is one thing we’re sure of: Bon Appétit Management Company’s commitment to buying from local small farms.

We launched our first Eat Local Challenge in 2005: every year since then, our chefs have embraced this opportunity to create a meal with 100% locally sourced ingredients from farms, ranches, and food businesses located within 150 miles of their cafés. (Salt is the only exception to the locally sourced rule, though some enthusiastic coastal chefs have even gone to harvest local sea salt!)  

The theme for 2021 is Limited Miles, Unlimited Flavors, focusing on how to bring a world of flavor to local ingredients with culinary creativity. So many people have been cooking at home and have gotten tired of their own repertoire, so we think it’s a great time for our chefs to show how to prepare one ingredient in many ways.   

For this year’s Eat Local Challenge on Tuesday, September 21, our chefs will create 100% local meals highlighting the breadth of flavors that local food can produce. Chef Terry and his team from Marquis are planning to feature ingredients from LaFarm, Happy Valley Meat, Twin Maple Farms, Pastificio 601, and others. Our friends from Happy Valley Meat will be joining us at Marquis, providing samples and answering questions.

We look forward to serving you on September, 21st at 4:30 pm – 8:00pm for our local dinner in Marquis!