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Did you know? 

Bon Appétit Management Company is proud to be a founding member of the @EquitableFood Initiative, a unique partnership that brings together growers, farmworkers, retailers, and consumers to transform agriculture and improve the lives of farmworkers.

​​​National Farmworker Awareness Week, March 26 – April 2, is a national week of action for students, farmworkers, and community members to raise awareness about farmworker issues on their campuses and in their communities. Bon Appétit Management Company has been celebrating NFAW for almost a decade.


Coming up this month

New Smoothie Alert! #GETLUCKY is ECO Cafe’s March flavor of the month. A delicious combo of banana, spinach, honey, peppermint, milk, vanilla yogurt, and white chocolate chips

Beginning Monday, 3/7 grab n’ go food is returning to Skillman’s! You can use your Meal Swipes from 12pm-1pm AND Bring your own reusable to-go mug or tumbler to Skillman’s for 10% off!

Tuesday, 3/8: Happy International Women’s Day! We’re spotlighting an iconic recipe from Julia Child at Upper, plus! check out a Q&A below from our local partner, Khanisa Darby, owner of Khanisa’s Pudding located in downtown Easton

Thursday, 3/10: St. Patrick’s Day celebration – enjoy Irish favorites at Upper for lunch and dinner at Marquis

Friday, 3/31: March means basketball! Stop by Upper Farinon for lunch and check out our Slam Dunk! Dip Competition

Learn more about Spring Break Dining Hours here

Dining Safety Tip of the Month

At Lafayette Dining, we believe it is imperative to ensure that every student, faculty, and staff
member has the option to eat creative, delicious, and nutritious meals every day, even
if they have allergies or special diets dictated by health, ethical, religious, or medical

Our managers and chefs are happy to accommodate severe allergies such as gluten, lactose, nuts, and shellfish. We also offer gluten-free breads and lactose-free milk as options. All menu items that that are made without gluten, are vegan or vegetarian are
clearly labeled using a system of color coding.

In all cases, if you have special dietary needs or questions on menu items in your café, please ask to speak with the dining services supervisor or manager on duty. He or she can inform you of the ingredients in the items on the menu and direct you to what is appropriate given your circumstance.

If you have additional questions about the foods we serve and how we can meet your
needs, please email dining@lafayette.edu or call our Dining Services General Manager,
Christopher Brown, at (610) 330-5346. Our Campus Executive Chef John Soder is
happy to work with any students with food allergies or other dietary restrictions
to ensure their needs are met.


Let’s chat with Khanisa Darby, owner and operator of Khanisa’s Pudding located in downtown Easton

Lafayette Dining began a partnership with Khanisa’s Pudding in 2021, and their products can be found at our retail locations campus-wide.

Khanisa Darby, owner of Khanisa's Pudding

Khanisa Darby, owner of Khanisa’s Pudding

Interested in learning more? Visit their website here.


  • What inspired you to begin your business, Khanisa’s Pudding?

Initially a natural shift began to take place for my husband Sean and I. We realized we felt unfulfilled in our chosen careers and felt we needed to make a change. Khanisa’s Desserts was born after family and friends raved about banana pudding I made for a family gathering. After posting a photo of the dessert on Facebook, I received close to 100 comments with people asking how to place an order. My husband Sean was in sales and marketing at the time, and suggested we make a Facebook Business page. Once we did, we immediately began receiving orders!


  • Do you have a favorite recipe and why?

My favorite recipe hands down is our Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix. It took years of research and development to deliver the perfect taste, texture, clean finish and flavor of our Pudding. We use no artificial flavors or colors, and use real cream as opposed to substitutes containing additives. It’s so delicious and a dessert you can trust.


  • Who or what serves as your influence in getting into your industry?

Food in and of itself is a major influence and driving force for my entering the industry.  I have always enjoyed cooking and baking, and loved to use new techniques I learned throughout adolescence to make delicious meals. Whether it was in my home’s kitchen, in Home Economics class, or the Culinary Program at BAVTS I attended in high school, each experience has played an intricate role in bringing my dreams full circle!

  • Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs? 

The best advice I can give is to keep going, strategically. There truly is no skipping the process; some things are learned through study while others through experience. Soak up all you can on your journey and use it to propel yourself and your business forward. 


Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at dining@lafayette.edu