Management Team

Carolyn Karwick

Resident District Manager
(610) 330-5894

Christopher Brown

General Manager
(610) 330-5346

April Butler

Residential Cafe Manager for Marquis and Upper Farinon
Upper Farinon
(610) 330-5567

Joseph Espinosa

Director of Retail for Gilbert's, Simon's and Skillman Cafe.
Gilbert's Cafe
(610) 330-5099

Francesca Carney

Director of Catering
Marquis 109A
(610) 330-5344

MaryEllen Quain

Catering Manager
Marquis 109A
(610) 330-5343

John Soder

Campus Executive Chef
Marquis Kitchen
(610) 330-5760

Terry Nielsen

Executive Chef at Marquis
(610) 330-3360

Beth Panfile

Executive Chef at Upper Farinon
Upper Farinon
(610) 330-5956

Scott Sypniewski

Executive Chef at Lower Farinon
Lower Farinon
(610) 330-5345