The Dining Services team cooks from scratch every day. From rolling stocks to finishing sauces and roasting meats, our approach to food allows us to provide fresh foods from whole ingredients while focusing on sustainability and humanely and locally sourced goods.

Sharing a meal is an opportunity to make special connections with students, faculty, and staff—relationships that will last a lifetime. The College’s restaurants are extensions of the classrooms on campus; teaching about nutrition and sustainability, providing cooking lessons and recipes, and allowing you to experience various cultures through food. Six unique dining facilities provide service, up to 19 hours a day, seven days a week.




To keep illnesses from spreading, students feeling sick should ask a friend or roommate to pick up grab-n-go meals at Gilbert’s, Skillman, or Lower Farinon. To take advantage of this program, please:

  1. Send an email to both the friend/roommate picking up the meal and stating the friend/roommate has your authorization to use your student ID card.
  2. Let your friend/roommate know what you’d like to eat – for those with digestive illnesses, a pre-packaged “sick meal” containing Gatorade, crackers, soup, and applesauce is available.
  3. Instruct your friend to take your ID card and a printed or electronic copy of your authorization e-mail to the cashier. Your meal plan will be charged a meal equivalency for each meal.
  4. Keep yourself fed and hydrated and feel better soon!

Any questions, please contact Carolyn Karwick at 610-330-5894.

Dining Services


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Get Involved!

Student involvement is essential in making sure dining on campus is the best it can be. Student employment opportunities are available – whether your interests are on the culinary side or in the front of the house side of the services. If you can’t commit to working with us, but want to get involved, apply to join our Student Insight Committee. If you are interested in more information, please email