Allergies and Special Dietary Needs

At Lafayette Dining, we do our best to ensure that every student, faculty, and staff member here has the option to eat creative, delicious, nutritious meals every day, even if they have allergies or special diets dictated by health, ethical, religious, or medical reasons.

  • We are well versed and can handle severe allergies such as gluten, lactose, nuts, and shellfish. We try to label all items that contain nuts. We also offer gluten-free breads and lactose-free milk as options. If you have a food allergy, please contact Lafayette College Disability Services and follow their procedures for appropriate documentation.
  • We offer an outstanding array of vegan and/or vegetarian options at all of our restaurants.
  • Halal and Kosher food can be made available. If you have a religious dietary requirement, please contact the Lafayette College Religious and Spiritual Life office.
  • All menu items that that are made without gluten, are vegan or are vegetarian are clearly labeled using a system of color coding.

In all cases, if you have special dietary need, please ask to speak with the dining services supervisor or manager on duty. He or she can inform you of the ingredients in the items on the menu and direct you to what is appropriate given your circumstance.

If you have additional questions about the foods we serve and how we can meet your needs, please email or call our Dining Services General Manager at (610) 330-5346. One-on-one appointments with our executive chef or the regional registered dietician can be arranged.

Click here for more information on food allergies.