Green to Go Reusable Container Program

Our reusable containers reduce waste and give you the freedom to take your dining hall meal to go! Each student is allotted one container as part of their meal plan and will be provided with the carabiner exchange clip during move-in. Here’s how it works:

  1. When you want a meal to go, give your carabiner clip to the dining hall cashier who will then provide you with a clean and sanitized reusable take-out container
  2. Fill your container with what you love from the various dining hall stations and then enjoy your meal wherever and whenever you like!
  3. After you’ve enjoyed your meal, bring your empty container back to the dining hall cashier for your next clean box OR get an exchange carabiner clip so you can get a reusable take-out container later

If you lose your container or exchange carabiner, replacements can be purchased for $5.


Sustainability Initiatives

Lafayette Dining is proud to have made a commitment to making our dining operations as “green” as possible. Some of our sustainable practices include:

  • Sourcing more than 20% of our food from Local Vendors through our FarmSource and Forged Partner Programs.
  • Sending our spent fryer oil to be used to produce bio-diesel fuel rather than sending it to a rendering facility to be used for cosmetics or animal feed.
  • r-BGH Free Milk and Dairy Products from a Local Farm
  • Cage Free and Organic Shell Eggs and Liquid Eggs
  • Stem to Root Cooking – Using scraps and trimmings from vegetables to make fresh stocks
  • Pre-Consumer Compost Program- materials that are composted in the kitchen during food production, such as scraps and trimmings from fruits and vegetables.
  • Post-Consumer Compost Program
  • Onsite Recycling
  • Reusable take-out container program