Pard Card Program

Information and Requirements

What is the Pard Card?

The most basic function of the Pard Card is its use as an identification card for all Lafayette College students, faculty and staff.  In addition, the Pard Card also functions as a stored value/prepaid card that can be used on campus and at participating area businesses similar to a bank-issued debit card.

Why become a Pard Card vendor?

Lafayette is proud to work with Campus Cash, a system that enables merchants near the Lafayette campus and within the Greater Lehigh Valley to accept Pard Card Dollars and extend this convenient purchasing option to the members of the Lafayette Community.

The Pard Card Program is a great way to boost traffic, build customer loyalty, and increase the patronage of Lafayette College students, faculty, and staff.  All Pard Card Vendors are listed on the College’s website to provide parents, students, faculty, and staff with convenient access to the directory of vendors that accept the Pard Card.  Additionally, Pard Card vendors receive stickers to display that help identify their establishment as one that accepts Pard Card Dollars.

How are Pard Card vendors paid?

Similar to the processing for credit and debit cards, a daily reimbursement is processed via ACH (Automated Clearing House) into the vendor’s account.  Additionally, a detailed monthly statement of account activity and sales, among other reports, is available via the online portal provided by Campus Cash.

What are the costs of becoming a Pard Card vendor?

Similar to the fees associated with accepting credit and debit cards, there is a monthly cost for hardware and services, a transaction fee and a per transaction charge.  Detailed information regarding the fees is available from Campus Cash by contacting at 202-303-9488 or by email

Are there any restrictions Pard Card merchants must follow?

Pard Card holders may not use their Pard Card to purchase alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, money orders, gift cards, traveler’s checks, or any other form of tender or deposit. In addition, items purchased using the Pard Card may not be returned for a cash refund or store credit.

In addition, food service Pard Card Vendors cannot offer a private meal plan option to members of the Lafayette College community.

Please note that the College monitors violation of these restrictions with input from Campus Cash, feedback from Pard Card holders, and a secret shopper quality control initiative. Pard Card Vendors that do not comply with these restrictions are removed from the Program.

How to become a Pard Card vendor?

If you are interested in becoming a part of Lafayette College’s Pard Card Program, please call Campus Cash at 202-303-9488 or by email.