Simon’s Market, powered by Amazon Just Walk Out Technology, is now open in Kamine Hall! Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of 24-hour service and access to great, delicious food options. Scan your Transact app at the entrance (or use a credit card!), select your payment method, and then enjoy browsing the freshly-prepared foods, snacks, and beverages available. The technology will detect what you take and return to the shelves so when you’re ready to complete your shopping trip, you can leave the store – no waiting in line! – and your payment method will be automatically charged for the items you took with you.


Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make the most of Simon’s Market:

  1. Two ways to enter: Use the QR code in your Transact app to utilize a meal plan swipe or pay with Pard Dollars, or enter with a credit card.
  2. Enter one person at a time: If you choose to enter and shop as a group, the account or credit card used for entry will be used for all the items selected by anyone in the group.
  3. Explore the market: Grab what you want from the shelves, coolers, and racks. Look for signage to identify items that make up Meal Exchange bundles.
  4. Need a receipt? Use the kiosk to get a receipt for your credit card transaction. Receipts for Transact shopping trips will show up in your app.
  5. Walk out! Strange as it may seem, there’s no check-out transaction. Just Walk Out technology is made possible by artificial intelligence-like computer vision to detect what you took from the shelves and replaced to shelves (where you found it, please!) for a virtual shopping experience.
  6. Hungry for more? If you are shopping with a meal exchange swipe but looking for more snacks or grocery items, you should exit the market with your meal bundle purchase and then re-enter to create a new shopping trip for the additional items you want.